Used by the best,
let us bring our industry experience  
to your operation.    


We take care of all
the little details  
so you have time    
for what's important.      


We streamline the
seasonal decision process  
with industry specific planning tools.    


We've been 100% web based
since the beginning, allowing for  
fast and efficient set up    
with less overhead.      


Reduce time to market by planning smarter
and communicating efficiently  
between every level    
of your operations.      


Enjoy being able to view
all the details in real time  
from viewpoints specific to your workflow.    


Our flexible deployment
method delivers
the solution best fit
to your needs.


Work directly with us,
we understand where
you are at and where
you want to go.

"Frontech worked closely with us ... and developed
a successful solution that performs as designed."

Michael Tasooji former Executive VP and Chief Information Officer Quiksilver

Product lifecycle management
is no longer an option

Time is

With market and style
fluctuations the norm,
every bit of your process
that can be streamlined
saves your bottom line.

Get it

Innovation and quality
sometimes come at a price.
Managing this process
takes industry knowledge
and experience.

Sleep at

The amount of variables in
your development cycle
are a constant headache,
why not manage better with a
tested and trusted solution.

Our software has been web first
from the beginning

  • We're all aware of SaaS - Software as a Service - being the buzzword around the PLM industry these days, but a lot of the competition have only started making the switch to online functionality as of recent. And even then, their implementation is still built on a existing hardware install base. FAN PLM was built and tested for over 10 years as a web based application, handling it's tasks with all the speed and reliability that you would expect of a dedicated software base.

  • We are living through dynamic and progressive times with only the most agile succeeding. Just because you need enterprise level software doesn't mean it should be difficult to make daily change. FAN PLM is easily tailored to work flexibly with your changing operations. Being web based means that there is no overhead or set up involved when dealing with employee change. Advanced permissions allow you to customize views of critical information and relations for any user.

  • FAN PLM is a truly online system, built with the best in breed internet technologies. This gives users the same intuitive interface they are familiar with, right in their browser of choice. Our design features advanced interactivity when it comes to manipulating and sorting information on each page.

Learn more about our technology
and features by following this link

All the benefits you expect
and more

Every Lifecycle management software provides basic tracking and resource
management functionality but few understand the real problems
specific to the footwear and apparel industry.

More and more of todays lifecycle management is consumed with continual reporting. Not just internally but for factories, agents, and suppliers who need to regulate and report their actions. We offer robust tools and automated workflows when generating XLS, PDF and PowerPoint presentations. See your daily operations with unprecedented clarity and depth.

Our in depth knowledge of the industry (some of our staff has over 30 years experience) delivers savings by accounting for variables other PLM’s don’t. From seasonal line planning to streamlining regulatory compliance we bring transparency to your process!

We've built our system to deliver maximum functionality to every user type in the footwear and apparel chain. From Line Planners to Product Designers, from Resource Managers to Factory Agents, they all have access to critical information at their fingertips.

Our modular event based system brings intelligent, real time interaction between pages to alert the user of fields that have to be filled, conditions that have to be met, and criteria based reminders when action is necessary.

We're proud to announce that we've aligned our development with Adobe Software as a certified Adobe Partner. We offer Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop integration as part of our package and as a stand alone plug-in.

Streamline your workflow

I can share my plans with all of the other members of my Team, and members of cooperative teams, having visibility and access to the progress and to their handoff.

After I share my projects with our sourcing partners, they see what I want them to see. Any changes are immediate and updated globally.

The system manages the workflow and we have visibility to changes as they are made. I know what has been done and what needs to be completed.

All of the reports that are needed are easy to create and then download to Excel if I need to tailor them for specific audiences.

A reputation of trust

"Our customers, factories and suppliers share data directly through real time communications with outstanding results. Their expertise and customer service was second to none!"

"Frontech's FAN PLM has provided Sole Technology with a significant competitive advantage over competitors using other PLM's. From zero downtime to it's fast and efficient online flexibility we've grown our worldwide operations together."

"FAN PLM replaced an existing system that was under-performing and affecting the supply chain. Quiksilver was delivered a system that increased transparency and collaboration while managing costs more effectively."

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