Adopting a new PLM system
for Footwear and Apparel

Part 2: Implement with Success

  • Identify project leads
  • Clarify and sign off on the scope
  • Identify and itemize process
  • Maintain a portal where documentation can be shared
  • Establish testing periods
  • Gain approvals throughout process
  • Have the difficult conversations early

In Part One, of our series on adopting a PLM, we looked at the importance of getting your team on board, understanding who your stakeholders are, how they’ll use the system and involving them early in the process. We also discussed adopting a flexible solution that can expand beyond your current absolute needs and grow to fit your needs in the future.

In Part Two, we’ll look at a key part of the equation: The process of implementation. Your organization’s best intentions in evaluating providers, prepping your team, and striking a good deal, will have little impact in the end, if the implementation process leaves everyone wishing they had never embarked on the process in the first place.

How can you ensure that the process will run smoothly, on-time, on-budget and have everyone singing its praises?

To recap, most importantly you should have a plan in place even before implementation begins. This means identifying leads to run the project, establishing a scope with room for expansion, creating a repository for documentation, identify testing timeframes and feature approvals, and having the difficult conversations early.

Adopting a new PLM system can be a daunting process, but handled with care, it can and will go smoothly.

FAN PLM - A Solution that fits

As Internet-based services go, our technology is built with our Apparel, Footwear and Accessory customers in mind. It's built to fit the way they do business, and not the other way around. Brands should expect a seamlessly integrated solution that talks to other systems, communicates effectively, is easy to use and will also grow as technology grows. We've delivered a system built on the latest technology, the same technology that 75% of Fortune 500 companies rely on, and which the banking industry considers the only option.

Ask yourself

What is the true cost of the system you either have, or are considering? Will the system work for your company and your way of doing business? Are you changing (or worse, being asked to change) your practices to fit a system? You should be seeking a system that is designed to match your already established way of doing business. If your PLM doesn't fit ... then don't wear it!

FAN PLM understands the real problems that are specific to the footwear and apparel industry.

FAN PLM will bring absolute transparency to your entire process of product development, empowering your whole team with the right tools to allow you to communicate effectively, and consistently.