• A Streamlined System

    To actually save money and deliver product more efficiently, you need real visibility. We’ve built our system to deliver maximum functionality to every user type in the footwear and apparel chain.

  • "A successful solution that
    performs as designed."

    FAN PLM built a custom solution that is transforming Quiksilver's product development on a global scale by decreasing time to market and increasing worldly communication.

  • Looking for
    a podium finish?

    Let us accelerate your workflow, streamline your seasonal decision process, plan smarter, and communicate more efficiently.

  • One size fits all?
    Not with FAN PLM.

    Our team of industry veterans, design products for footwear and apparel manufacturers. Period. We can solve your unique challenges because we know your business.

  • PLM solutions that
    grow with you.

    Our web-based solutions are designed perfectly to fit your business, not the other way around. Whether you’re on the verge of greatness, or already a global player, we have a solution to fit your needs.

Used by the best in the industry

Working with industry giants like DC Shoes and Quiksilver has taught us a thing or two about what a PLM should do.

When even the smallest details have a big impact, and the competition can surprise you at every turn, FAN PLM will keep you running in check. For over a decade, our team of industry veterans have mastered every detail about managing the life cycles of footwear and apparel brands.

In fact, we’ve actually designed our PLM offerings based on how footwear and apparel companies actually operate and not the other way around. From streamlining your production cycles, managing your development process, to reporting game-changing details on the fly; we know exactly what you need, when you need it and we deliver the goods … every time!

Built on the latest technology platform

The start to any great relationship, is a rock solid foundation

That’s why we’ve built our PLM in Adobe ColdFusion,
the most robust, dynamic and relied-upon technology in the world.
With over 75% of Fortune 100 companies relying on it, we know it works,
its fast and it doesn’t break down. If you are expecting a podium finish,
it makes sense to know what’s under the hood of your PLM.

...with you in mind

Plan with accuracy

Accurate Data

Managing your product lifecycle starts with data that is real-time, easily accessible and accurate.

True Collaborative Workflow

A successful workflow equals accurate forecasting. FAN PLM offers dynamic information so everyone can work in sync.

A plan for everyone

Customizable dashboards, mean each member of the team can focus on what’s important to them.

Communicate with ease

Cloud-based services

Real-time communication means you can make updates from your desktop, mobile or hand-held device.

All in one place

When all your information is in one place, it makes the decision making process easy and seamless.

Across all platforms

When systems talk, it eliminates mistakes, so you can be sure the information you get, is the right information.

Track your success

The reporting you need

Pull reports and track changes with an intuitive interface that let’s you see around every corner

The data you want

Whether it’s a sample from last week or 8 seasons ago, finding information is critical so that you can plan for the future.

For the people who need it

Whether you are a C-level presenting to the board or a designer who needs to report to product development, you can build a presentation in an instant.

Features for everyone

  • Customizable Executive Dashboard
  • Integration between management and financial software
  • Seasonal financial planning & goal setting
  • Customizable presentations on the fly
  • Seasonal briefs to share with design & development
  • Dynamically updated cost sheets & BOMs
  • Libraries that reflect seasonal color palette
  • Real-time consumption tracking
  • Set up for alternative sources, testing standards, compliance expectations
  • Design lives in the system with an Illustrator plugin
  • Storyboards, color ways & suggested materials
  • Trackable, detailed & dynamic BOMs
  • Sample tracking at the granular level
  • Detailed fitting analysis
  • Standards for fit, blocks, points of measurement and more

Reputation of Trust

FAN PLM replaced an existing system that was under-performing and affecting the supply chain. Quiksilver was delivered a system that increased transparency and collaboration while managing costs more effectively.
Frontech's FAN PLM has provided us with a significant competitive advantage over competitors using other PLM's. From zero downtime to it's fast and efficient online flexibility we've grown our worldwide operations together.
Our customers, factories and suppliers share data directly through real time communications with outstanding results. Their expertise and customer service was second to none!
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