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Experience amazing speed and flexibility from a fully browser based experience. We are constantly refining our technology to bring a workflow that matches and exceeds what is possible on a locally networked system.

Comprehensive Lifecycle

See your daily operations with unprecedented clarity

We know that most lifecycle management software can provide you with basic tracking and resource management functionality, but to actually save money and deliver product more efficiently, you need visibility. You need a system that streamlines the process not only internally, but also for your factories, agents and suppliers.

FAN PLM will bring absolute transparency to your entire process of product development, empowering you as an executive by giving you the right tools to see key metrics in real time. This visibility and an openness, will allow you to track workflow down to very specific milestones. Add to that, a dynamic corporate calendar, and suddenly everyone’s on the same page with clearly defined "dates and gates".


Whatever level of planning you are involved in, you know it’s crucial to be able to easily access information, and see things all in one place. That’s why FAN PLM has created planning tools with you in mind. Customizable dashboards will give you a view of the daily activities that are important to you and our seamless integration between your management and financial software means that you’ll get answers faster and with complete accuracy. Planning and setting goals based on in-system research means you’ll be meeting your financial targets on time, every time.


When it comes to actual product, the rubber meets the road at merchandising and you need a system that makes it easy at every step of the production process. Create product briefs that are shared directly with the entire team. Create Powerpoint presentations directly from the system, so stakeholders can see current designs, colorways, storyboard and planning justification. Track projects through the Planning/Merchandising/Design process and push these projects to the Development Team at the appropriate time. Create visual plans that are tailored to the audience you will be working with. Whether international, domestic customers or internal reviews, you have the flexibility to choose the output that is best suited to your audience.


Plug in directly from Illustrator into FAN PLM in a shared environment that bring your designs, colorways, and material selections directly into the system. Your “live” connection will give you a powerful tool that will save time, provide more efficient work output and allow you to share your efforts directly with all team members. View your product brief, review planning information and allow yourself the freedom to focus on your creative efforts. Develop storyboards, design concepts, thumbnails, and colorways and create Powerpoint presentations directly from the system.


Finding a needle in a haystack should not be your modus operandi. Finding what you need is fast and streamlined with FAN PLM. Saving everyone time and money. Set up seasonal libraries that reflect seasonal color palette. Set up alternative sources, enforce testing standards, reflect compliance expectations, and generally set up a broad spectrum of specifications for all materials to be used within a season. Have visibility to “where used” and have the option to track real time consumption.


Developing products, setting pricing and building a detailed bill of materials should not be difficult. Our PLM has been designed by a team of industry experts who understand apparel and footwear. You will have complete upstream visibility to see the product brief, design process, and colorways all housed within the system as projects are passed to you. As the process unfolds you will have complete visibility to your products as versions are created and updated. Tracking is live and there are options for updating in a “line plan” environment so that every product does not have to be updated one by one.


Dynamically updated cost sheets mirror the BOM so you always have the latest version and can map out different scenarios as you track to your seasonal target pricing. See real time updates to projects as versions are changed/updated. Have visibility to detailed component pricing as your product is updated with materials. Manage packaging and packing requirements by brand, category, or at the project level. Create interactive reporting to track pricing options to increase margins.


We provide a dynamic and comprehensive technical system that will help to not only set standards, but monitor the process of sample development and review. As standards are set for fit, blocks, points of measurement, and other key specifics regarding new and or carryover products the technician is able to systematically track the process of samples being ordered, samples be sent and received, and the commentary that would encompass a detailed fitting and communication regarding this fit analysis.


Plan, place, and track sales sample orders within the system and manage samples. Designate which sales people get which samples and from which product line. Choose the items that would be ordered and then allocated to a Distributor/Region/Salesperson. POs can even be generated to be sent to the ERP for a seamless ordering process. You can even decide whether a salesperson gets a left or right sample. Add to that, an automated tracking process for clear delivery of information to be passed to the Distributor/Region/Salesperson.


Communicate with your ERP, share PO info and track production in real-time. Monitor quality checks and testing within the system PO by PO. FAN PLM’s commitment is to the correctness and consistency of information that is pushed to your ERP. By creating a system with checks and balances that allows information to be reviewed by multiple stakeholders on specific teams, we ensure the validity of data, so that you can trust the system.


You are expected to know all the answers, so you need a system that you can use, understand, and trust. An executive dashboard will allow you to have both the 30 thousand foot view, as well as drill down to the details. Our strength is visibility and an openness to a process that allows you to track workflow down to very specific milestones. Our corporate calendar is a dynamic and powerful tool that will get everyone on the same page with clearly define "Dates and Gates”. Our system will empower you as an executive, by giving you tools to see key metrics in real time.


Keep track of your materials by segment. View material consumption reports and be able to look back at vendors, colors, factories and components by season. Look at style and material count reports for unprecedented visibility that allows you to better forecast for the future.

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